Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The False Prince

               The False Prince is an excellent book. It is about a boy named Sage. He is a thief and a liar. When he is taken from the orphanage where he has been for the past five years, Sage discovers that he will be used in a plot to overthrow the kingdom and has to change from that thief and liar that he is to save the kingdom of Carthia.
               The book starts out with Sage running from the butcher after stealing a roast. When a man trips him he is taken to the orphanage and bought. When he discovers that the Noble Conor has taken other boys too, he thinks this is more than just buying a new servant. when Conor tells them that they are being used in a plot to overthrow the kingdom Sage will do whatever he can to spoil this plan. His loyalty true he suffers through pain, rage, and a good amount of proving he finds things are worse then he originally thought.
              This book is amazing. It is a trilogy. I have read through this trilogy numerous times and love it even more every time. I will finish posts about this trilogy later. I am thinking of a post a week. But, anyway I hope you read this book. It is for 10 and up. My younger sister loves it too. Please join this blog and LEAVE SOME COMMENTS! READ ON!