Wednesday, October 7, 2015


               Crossed is the second book in the Matched Triolgy. Cassia, while in her work camp, finally finds a way into the Carving, a giant Canyon where Ky fled, the second boy. She flees there and encounters countless troubles and then nearly dies. She presses on finally finding Ky who has suffered a death. She and the rest of the new crew head to the rising where they are encountered with a poisoned lake.

               Cassia is in a work camp where she relentlessly farms a testing crop. When guards come and take all the aberrations she goes with and eventually finds her way to the carving where Ky fled. She travels through and nearly dies recruiting, Hunter and Indie, and Eli. When she finds out that the Society poisoned the lake she continues on. When the Rising is discovered among them they set out toward their base.
               Crossed is full of adventure, hope, love, and trust. Ally Condie really out did herself this time. It is good for ages 10+ When you start this book it kind of needs some true love for reading to push through this beginning. But, when you hit the heart of the book nobody can stop you from reading. Read On!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Runaway King

               The Runaway King is the second book in the Ascendance Trilogy. After Sage reveals himself as Prince Jaron of Carthia and becomes king. He finds that The Noble Conor, who Jaron threw in prison for treason, hired pirates to kill him when he was sent to Bimar, another country to the west, for more education. He escaped the ship and now finds that the pirates are still hunting him. After and assassination attempt from the pirates he makes the decision to slip away under the cover of darkness and go to the pirates and destroy them ALONE.
                The Book starts with Jaron in the Castle gardens thinking about how his parents had died and mourning for them. He climbs the castle wall when a man dressed in black sneaks in and hides in the bushes, Jaron arrived early for his own assassination. After jumping onto the man and a short battle, Jaron realizes that  it is Rodan, an old friend from Conor's estate. He was taken from the orphanage he was in to be one of the boys in his plot. After a message of war coming Rodan leaves and Jaron sneaks away under the cover of darkness. Jaron goes to the pirates and tries to take them down. But when Rodan becomes the pirate king, Jaron knows he needs to find a way to stop him. after Rodan breaks his leg, he climbs up a cliff and battles Rodan on one leg. He notices that Rodan could kill him but doesn't.
              I love this series. The second book in the series is awesome. Jennifer A. Nelson is an awesome writer. I love her books. She has made my day over and over again. These books are awesome and as soon as you are done reading whatever book you are reading you need to read this book.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The False Prince

               The False Prince is an excellent book. It is about a boy named Sage. He is a thief and a liar. When he is taken from the orphanage where he has been for the past five years, Sage discovers that he will be used in a plot to overthrow the kingdom and has to change from that thief and liar that he is to save the kingdom of Carthia.
               The book starts out with Sage running from the butcher after stealing a roast. When a man trips him he is taken to the orphanage and bought. When he discovers that the Noble Conor has taken other boys too, he thinks this is more than just buying a new servant. when Conor tells them that they are being used in a plot to overthrow the kingdom Sage will do whatever he can to spoil this plan. His loyalty true he suffers through pain, rage, and a good amount of proving he finds things are worse then he originally thought.
              This book is amazing. It is a trilogy. I have read through this trilogy numerous times and love it even more every time. I will finish posts about this trilogy later. I am thinking of a post a week. But, anyway I hope you read this book. It is for 10 and up. My younger sister loves it too. Please join this blog and LEAVE SOME COMMENTS! READ ON!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hey Guys!

               Now that the series of Matched is over you can read it and judge yourself. It is an amazing series. TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS WHAT I SHOULD DO NEXT! Thanks for all you do and don't forget to join the Site!
             So, now that that is done we can move on. I need more books to read! I haven't gotten any comments and I need the books. I am in a contest on reading Harry Potter so there should be posts on it soon. I need comments, so post them. Now that we are done let's get me some Comments! Thank You for all you do.

Monday, February 9, 2015


            Cassia now needs to find how to destroy the society from the inside. Xander is busy giving babies a pill that all citizens take. But, the one he is giving them makes them immune to the red pill. The red pill erases their memory and hides the truth of the Society. It is now up to them and the Rising to find a cure for the plague. When people begin to die. They know they only have a few days before the human race collapses.

            When Cassia joins the Rising she has to work from the inside to destroy the Society. She is in need of revenge for them killing every eighty year old by poison. She works and trades and then finds her younger brother and plagued mother. When Ky gets the plague and people begin to die Xander and Cassia have to find the cure. Cassia thinks she discovered the key ingredient in the cure and when it heals Ky they make more of it. Then the people get to choose, freedom, democracy, or being ruled by the society again.
            Ally Condie has ended this fantastic series. But, the end isn't here yet. Another book has come out by this amazing author. Atlantia. An underwater adventure for Rio in need of family and readers that love the constant suspense of danger, drama, secrets, mysteries, and more. I am reading it and a summary will be here soon. Thank you for viewing my blog. Read On!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hey There!

             Hey there Bloggers! I know I haven't been posting lately, but, I just got my own computer so there should be a post every day. Also on the side of my blog posts, off to the left, there is a button that if you click on it you can join this site.
            Also, I'M RUNNING OUT OF BOOKS! In order to continue this blog I need to read. SO, you can post books you think I would like in the comments. If you want me to, I can post when new books are coming out and when authors are signing books along with what books they wrote. I won't send things like this often but from time to time I will probably do little notices on what is going on in the book world.
           By the way, Ally Condie the author of the Matched trilolgy, Has a new book out titled Atlantia. I have heard it's great and, as a matter of fact, I am reading Atlantia right now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Matched is a story about Cassia, a teenager in the Society, that gets Matched to her best friend but when the micro card glitches and she sees another boy she starts to fall in love with him instead of her true match. When one of them is sent away she finds the truth of the Society. She swears to find him and is sent from her home to a work camp.

             Cassia is a teenager who lives in the Society. The Society is a perfect town. The officials decide where you work, who you love, and when you die. Cassia is Matched to her best friend but, when her micro-card glitches she sees another boy.  She finds out she loves the second boy more than the first. When she is torn between the two boys she starts to rebel against the Society. When she kisses the second boy, she finds out that he is being sent to a camp to work until he dies. The second boy teaches her how to write before he goes. She swears to find him as he boards the ship.

           Matched is a marvelous story full of adventure and surprises. I would recommend  it for ages 10+. I think Ally Condie had the idea of teaching us that we shouldn't let people take control over our creativity and personality. I believe that Matched is the best realistic fiction book I have ever read. If you like rules, rebellion, and trust this is the book for you. You can find the other two books in the trilogy at almost every single library in your area. Once you start you can't stop.

Read On!