Monday, February 9, 2015


            Cassia now needs to find how to destroy the society from the inside. Xander is busy giving babies a pill that all citizens take. But, the one he is giving them makes them immune to the red pill. The red pill erases their memory and hides the truth of the Society. It is now up to them and the Rising to find a cure for the plague. When people begin to die. They know they only have a few days before the human race collapses.

            When Cassia joins the Rising she has to work from the inside to destroy the Society. She is in need of revenge for them killing every eighty year old by poison. She works and trades and then finds her younger brother and plagued mother. When Ky gets the plague and people begin to die Xander and Cassia have to find the cure. Cassia thinks she discovered the key ingredient in the cure and when it heals Ky they make more of it. Then the people get to choose, freedom, democracy, or being ruled by the society again.
            Ally Condie has ended this fantastic series. But, the end isn't here yet. Another book has come out by this amazing author. Atlantia. An underwater adventure for Rio in need of family and readers that love the constant suspense of danger, drama, secrets, mysteries, and more. I am reading it and a summary will be here soon. Thank you for viewing my blog. Read On!

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