Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Runaway King

               The Runaway King is the second book in the Ascendance Trilogy. After Sage reveals himself as Prince Jaron of Carthia and becomes king. He finds that The Noble Conor, who Jaron threw in prison for treason, hired pirates to kill him when he was sent to Bimar, another country to the west, for more education. He escaped the ship and now finds that the pirates are still hunting him. After and assassination attempt from the pirates he makes the decision to slip away under the cover of darkness and go to the pirates and destroy them ALONE.
                The Book starts with Jaron in the Castle gardens thinking about how his parents had died and mourning for them. He climbs the castle wall when a man dressed in black sneaks in and hides in the bushes, Jaron arrived early for his own assassination. After jumping onto the man and a short battle, Jaron realizes that  it is Rodan, an old friend from Conor's estate. He was taken from the orphanage he was in to be one of the boys in his plot. After a message of war coming Rodan leaves and Jaron sneaks away under the cover of darkness. Jaron goes to the pirates and tries to take them down. But when Rodan becomes the pirate king, Jaron knows he needs to find a way to stop him. after Rodan breaks his leg, he climbs up a cliff and battles Rodan on one leg. He notices that Rodan could kill him but doesn't.
              I love this series. The second book in the series is awesome. Jennifer A. Nelson is an awesome writer. I love her books. She has made my day over and over again. These books are awesome and as soon as you are done reading whatever book you are reading you need to read this book.

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