Wednesday, October 7, 2015


               Crossed is the second book in the Matched Triolgy. Cassia, while in her work camp, finally finds a way into the Carving, a giant Canyon where Ky fled, the second boy. She flees there and encounters countless troubles and then nearly dies. She presses on finally finding Ky who has suffered a death. She and the rest of the new crew head to the rising where they are encountered with a poisoned lake.

               Cassia is in a work camp where she relentlessly farms a testing crop. When guards come and take all the aberrations she goes with and eventually finds her way to the carving where Ky fled. She travels through and nearly dies recruiting, Hunter and Indie, and Eli. When she finds out that the Society poisoned the lake she continues on. When the Rising is discovered among them they set out toward their base.
               Crossed is full of adventure, hope, love, and trust. Ally Condie really out did herself this time. It is good for ages 10+ When you start this book it kind of needs some true love for reading to push through this beginning. But, when you hit the heart of the book nobody can stop you from reading. Read On!

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